How to create Ethernet VLANs using a TP-Link AC2100 (Archer VR2100) router.

At the time of writing this router is under £80 at Amazon UK and includes a 3-year warranty if you register it.

As well as GUEST 2.4 & 5.8 Wi-Fi it all supports assignable private Ethernet LAN ports, ideal for a landlord say with Student Lets needing to provide isolated individual private internet-enabled networks.

Tucked under the Network section is a feature labeled ‘Interface grouping’ where each Ethernet LAN port can be assigned to different IP ranges isolated from each other and the host LAN whilst preserving upstream internet connectivity.

For the money, I was quite impressed with this router as it also includes a built-in Open VPN server, handy if you want to watch BBC iPlayer when you are on your holidays overseas. I also saw about a 15% increase in my VDSL connection speed compared to the stock router Plusnet provided, it even has Ookla Speedtest built-in so results are likely to be more accurate.


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